Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mr and Mrs Markham❤️

This weekend just gone, one of the twins got married. And very beautiful it was too! Too see her walking down the aisle towards her beloved, properly beaming, kind of melted my heart! Oh and their little bunny walking down the aisle too, was just gorgeous! They’re on their honeymoon now.....ENJOY!!

Talking of enjoyment I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT ENJOYING THIS BLOG WRITING SHIZZLE......finished one post....was happy with it....then it bloody well disappeared!! I could cry. I won’t but you know what I mean.....

Take two:

Yep so I’m in deepest darkest Warwick, staying in a hospice. I didn’t know what to expect, but the staff are friendly and the beds comfy. Win win. AND I played a blinder at dominoes today! Who’d have thunk it.

Life-limiting illness is a term used to describe an incurable condition that will shorten a person's life, though they may continue to live active lives for many years. ... Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients faced with the challenges of living with a life-limiting 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Today the whole family, the immediafte family anyway, of which I am their muvvaa, except one, was round for a roast! And very nice it was too. The master chef was no less than the resident vegetarian. He doesn’t mind cooking meat, just the thought of eating any meat makes him gag. He’s mighty fine in the kitchen, so no complaints from me. Well, maybe just one.....our son seems to eat an awful lot of sausages. As complaints go, it’s rather mild. However, sharing a bathroom with the WORLDS HAIRIEST MAN is slightly frustrating. It gets EVERYWHERE. I kid you not, 4 at a time in the soap. Thank you my love. Beautiful. As for the loo, I’ll leave that to your imagination. You’re welcome. And actually The Good Man is not that hairy at all. Just a little. Well, his forearms are kept bare, due to his job. Thanks horses, your teeth are doing a grand job. I thank you...

So calm yourself because I had an adventure! I went to hospital a few days ambulance!! And I left, 11 hours later, in the same state I arrived in....FML that’s 11 hours that neither I nor tootie will ever get back. God we could have gone out for the day, up London! Mental note made for next time
NB: Tootie=my friend and PA....we used to work together and my boy LOVES her, as do I and the dog, and Mr Elliott and all my girls! That’s a lot of love Tootie! I suspect the next trip out will be less eventful. Mind you, you can’t get less eventful than that day. I got a numb arse from being on a gurney with the thinnest mattress. But, still, I stand by what I’ve said about the NHS being fantastic. I  It was so very busy, but smiles (from staff) came easily, and they helped each other out. 

Midwifery can be bloody and noisy with tears of joy, and heavy tears of great sadness. But I miss it so badly.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Bed hair and shitting it....

Well hello again! If feels like forever since I last posted a blog. So I apologise for being absent. But I was busy acquainting myself with a very nice doctor who gave me the amazingly effective antiemetic jab in my bum. I told my mum off for assuming the doctor was a man. She wasn’t. worked so quickly. And it stopped me from completely draining myself. 10/10 for drugs!! And the Good Man also gets 10/10, for not treating me like a lepper. I felt like one, and I wondered if I should ask one of my girls to paint a black cross on the front door AKA....signaling the Black Death resides beyond......

And blimey.....when I was typing ‘beyond’ I paused for a second, because I’m old and type sooooooo
slowly, anyhoo google thoughtfully suggested that This is how you spell Beyonce. And blimey again, I thought, that’s how you know you’ve made it! But then I’m guessing she already knows that.......

Right, you remember when I was being sick? ⬆️ Well, joy of joys it only went and kicked off a
mo fo of a relapse. I’m laying in bed, unable to sit up or roll over. My daughter gets married in two weeks and I am shitting it a bit in case I can’t get there....and if I do, I’ll be sporting the most magnificent bed hair. I would love a messy updo, so halfway’ve got to look for the gift* cheers for that mantra Nina.

So anyway, the main aim of tomorrow = HOSPITAL + DRUGS home and recover. I’ll have two weeks to kick this relapse in the balls AND GO TO A WEDDING!!

So yeah, I’m going to sleep now and I’ll be dreaming of I.V drugs and high heels and where oh where did I put THE bag for THE WEDDING!??

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Purse sorting, Winter solstice and search party......

So here I am, wedged again, but this time between Christmas and my birthday. And I’m also wasting time on Mr Ted Bakers website looking at things that a, I don’t need and b, I can’t afford. Still, it’s good to waste time looking at pretties. Pretty no 1. Was a purse. I’d have no moolaa to put in my purse, if I shopped there. Daughter no.4 sorted my current purse out. It was beautiful but bulging with bits of paper, raffle tickets and loyalty cards........But can it be saved? Yes it can! Thanks to number But now, it has slimmed considerably thanks to number 4, and her organisational and ruthless skills. I think she just likes to boss me around. I’m having another day in bed, which really pisses me off, I think I’ve moaned about that before. Apologies. Anyhoo.....I’m unsure if I have a wisdom tooth on the move, or Trigeminal neuralgia. Answers on a postcard please.......

The winter solstice has been and gone. And during a phone call to my brother he did mention that, and how the summer solstice is on his birthday. Yes! Yes I know! And I’ve always known, which is why you always get a present. You, dear brother, are the master of not-so-subtle hints. I could hear his rusty cogs turning. But I love him. Cogs n all.

Once Boxing Day is done I am itching to bung all the decorations back up in the loft. But as my step son arrives tomorrow for a wee while, I best leave them up. He also has a pile of presents to make his way through. I just hope this doesn’t inspire a melt down in the Little Man. But no! Now it’s my own rusty cogs turning as I realise I’ll have time tomorrow to hit Sainsbury’s......Sainsbury’s it is then......I guess I shall find out how good my wheelchair is in the snow.......if that smallest snow drift is anything to go by, not good.

Send out a search party, if you don’t hear from me for a while. Please?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

4 sleeps to go! I think.....🤷🏼‍♀️

Well MS has made itself known, as it’s popped back with a bloody vengeance. It’s unkind and destructive. And I do feel at moments/days/weeks like this that it would just do one. This makes me a bit pissed off and unkind, as I wish that other people could take it for a day, just so I could be a normal for the day. And they would maybe understand how it is, to be held hostage by an unreasonable arse wipe.

We are plummeting towards Christmas, and I currently have a pile of presents to wrap. I used to love wrapping presents and would happily wrap other people’s presents too. But now I agree with Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, that using tin foil to wrap your presents in is genius.

Bunny no.4 is home now from uni, and as such she’s stepped into surrogate mum mode as she puts the Little Man to bed, The Big Man is out to play tonight with his friends from the olden days. No. 3 is out with her girlie squad for food and fun and frolics. Slighty different 3 f’s to what I was used to as a chid. My mum would tell me to go and wash my 3 f’s, meaning face feet and fanny. Although I adjusted the order to face, fanny and feet.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get something delicious to wear on THE DAY......and perhaps also for my birthday, as that’s wedged between Christmas and New Year. I need to pull my finger out and arrange something. Some people hate having a birthday near Christmas, but I quite like it. Some people are off work, and are just generally more relaxed and that equals a good time. And you have a tree in your house. And fairy lights.

What’s not to love?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Secret Santa 2017

Back again! This really is the last post before Christmas!! As I’ve probably said, my family do Secret Santa, and we’re hosting this year. We have a group chat going and everybody is shouting about the different food they’re bringing.....leaving me with jacket spuds and chilli and operation TIDY UP!
Not that they care....just give me a minute.....

This afternoon we went to the Little Mans school for their Christmas fete. We were suitably robbed, and left with all sorts of goodies that we ‘need’ Oh well, it’s good to support the school.
And most importantly of all, tomorrow I get my catheter changed. Joy of joys. I must have had it done a few times by now, but buggered if I can remember. Still, I’ll take this as a good sign as I would surely I’d remember if it was horrid?

So this weekend has been chosen as THE weekend for the final CHRISTMAS present shop! I know what I want and where to go. Just the one shop, or maybe two actually, then a pit stop to Sainsbury’s. YES, I know that makes it three shops, but I know EXACTLY what I want. And The Good Man will keep me on task. That is if I don’t loose him. He has a habit of wandering off.....I know I’ll ask him to get sweets and stuff for the Piñata.Today included a discussion about where to hang it and what to hang it with. As our first piñata, we are novices to this. Can you tell?
It’s the night before secret santa and I’m in bed at 11.30pm. If it’s not done now it won’t be. Wishful thinking I’m afraid. But no, I’m afraid, as I’m ticking off mentally all the jobs that didn’t make the tick list. But it’s more positive to think of what we’ve achieved...1. We have a stuffed piñata! 2. We have a clean house thanks to the efforts of bunny No.3......3..More presents bought.........4..Secret Santa Christmas Challenge destroyed.....
It’s 11.30pm, and an almighty crash from upstairs........The Good Man, upon returning, complaining of knocking over a bookcase type thing, and confessing of waking The Little Man......
Oh YEAH YEAH BUT BUT BUT........nearly forgot to say...... I actually had a decent trip out in the car doing that little lot ⬆️ still dead chuffed with our purchase of OUR NEW CAR!! And to get out of our home for a while was brilliant!! But it’s always good to return though. Best of both n all that.

So I’d best get some beauty sleep, so I can be sparkling for our guests/family tomorrow. Dress chosen. Footware chosen. Additional chairs sorted and additional table sorted. Alarm set.

Whoo hoo! Let’s do this! Secret Santa....2017!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cold innit?❄️☃️🚙

I’ve been staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity. What have I got to say? Well, plenty actually, but I was just stumbling over how to start, y’know? So first off, THE SNOW. Looks so pretty, but is actually a pain in the arse. I thought I’d go out in it, but actually didn’t get far from the back door. I got stuck in the smallest snow drift. Wheel spins aplenty. So my poorly planned excursion, stopped before it had begun and it took me, what seemed like an age, to turn round and come back in. Whilst I was stuck outside, it even started to snow again, proper big, slowly falling, plump flakes. Beautiful.
The Good Man and I, had planned to go out in my new car. MY car, as in mine, all mine. Bought to accommodate me and my chair = FREEDOM. Snow stopped play here too, temporarily. But it’ll keep. I may go out to play later this week with my friend and P.A. She’s golden, and helps me achieve normal everyday stuff. Like putting my socks on. I NEVER thought I’d find that impossible. But such is life. And also, the cold calls for extra blankets. However, feeble spaz that I am, this kind of pins me to the mattress. I think I need a fat tog duvet, and no additional blankets.
Right so research done on different tog ratings, and options on the fillings. Down may be considered a luxury, but no thanks. Have you seen how they get the feathers? Literally rip the feathers out of the alive, and vocally objecting duck/goose. You tube it. I can’t promise that you won’t feel sick or cry. So no thanks to that option. Some luxury for the poor bird. The feathers are allowed to regrow, then it starts all over again. Makes me feel a bit sick, and angry. I’d rather be cold. I am cold, but I have options that are humane, so I’ve opted for a non barbaric duvet, and it’s on its way. Hurrah, I shall be warm later this week.
Later this week.......Christmas tree buying!! And hopefully no pine needles in my immaculate car. Yes ok! I know I can forget that. It’s amazing that no matter how well you clean and hoover the car, you will get poked in the arse by a rogue pine needle that avoided the hoover. The poking in the arse, will occur post Christmas. In June.
So that’s me and my plans for this week.
Enjoy your week.